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So, have you heard about this so-called 'top secret' Pentagon study on global warming. I don't actually know that the report was classified or not, but it seems that it exists. I'd like to read it, but I haven't found it yet. Though, this and this are a couple of good articles on it that follow an even-handed analysis. Maybe Bush will listen to a group from the Pentagon and change his policy towards global warming. He either disagrees with or ignores a widely accepted almost-fact that greenhouse emissions have an effect on the global climate. Any number of federal, non-government national, international, and even foreign groups have pressured Bush into rescinding his policy of negligence towards the skies. It hasn't worked. So maybe the Pentagon will get through to him by framing the issue as one of national security, which when pondered upon, most assuredly is a threat. Probably not an immediate one. But one to be looked at nevertheless. America as, by far, the world's largest polluter might be seen as an enemy to the global environment by a coalition of other major powers. If a shift in climate leads to greatly increased natural disasters and outright war over resources as base as potable water and reliable energy, then even a resource-reduced US would make a very tempting target. If not, the US could still make a palatable military target towards a pissed off international community for reasons of pure negligent policy towards the earth everyone shares.


I Was Pimpbot 5000 in a Past Life

Conan, I can't believe you managed to stir up some controversy in Canada! I wish I had seen the show, but it just sounds like Triumph was going through his normal shtick of pushing boundaries (he's an insult comic dog for Pete's sake). The problem seems to be that francophone issues are off limits. It was a sketch. Triumph makes fun of people, not just Quebecois or even Canadians. Though a couple of things he said did seem a bit raw.

Triumph insult Quebec So you're French and Canadian, yes? So you're obnoxious and dull. - Triumph the Insult Dog

I've never seen that much excitement turn to that much hate that fast. - Conan on auduience reaction

The real lesson learned is that you don't go into Quebec and publicly insult seperatists on their chosen language and their Europe-ness. Like I said, I missed the show, but I know what Triumph is like and I've read his worst insults, and I only find it to be funny the way Triumph is funny. You can't take him seriously. It's a puppet. A talking hand guised as a dog. These insults raise the controversy they do only because Canada is a hotbed of political activity and seperatistism is a big deal in Quebec right now. But when is it not?!

There's even scandal involved: most of the federal government's highest positions are in the hands of Quebec-natives. I don't know if it's true or not, but there are a lot of non-francophone Canandians that see Quebec as extorting the rest of the country. I don't know how much money the government brings in and I don't know how and where it spends it. But even the mere rumors I've read and heard must represent something else that Triumph happened to point out.

All this trash-talk over my main dawg Triumph is indicative of deep rooted issues that Canada hasn't really dealt with. Conan shouldn't take the flak for doing what Toronto payed him to come do. He did in Canada as he does here: acted like an American idiot and got a few laughs along the way.


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Since all I've been working on recently is my website which is of course where this is, all I can really talk about is it. That's not really true. But it happens to be all that is presently flying through my mind. I'm only really writing this as an excuse to see if my link colors are correct.

Big Bang, Baby

Ok, so I made a 'blog. I've just been playing around with all the possibilities for my website... and this is one of them.

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