And here I am.

Let's see. It's thursday 9 September 2004. About 3 in the afternoon. Way too much time has come and passed since I last spent any real amount of time amongst the wee folk (they call themselves "pages", I call them friends) of the internet. I've been sitting here for nearly an hour! Egads! It's been long enough for me to start creating a new friend it seems.

I spent yesterday watching the last half of season one of Stargate: SG-1. I always hated that title. I think that's why I never watched it before. Anyway that only took 9 hours of my life away. Thankfully it was commercial free and there were no pesky cliffhangers til the end. It's a damn fine show. Especially when one immerses his entire existence into it. That and a really comfy chair with an ottoman. The stool, not a Turk. Great way to recover from a long weekend that overran into Teusday. Now, I just need to learn how to make mead for the next festivities. Come fall break, I'll have a batch ready by any means it takes.

Bye the way, thanks to all who helped me have way more fun than a guy should have over the course of a single weekend! ;)

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