In the Vein of All Things Vader

I've yet discovered more from the wonderful world of Vader. A gargoyle carefully reproduced in his image adorns Washington's National Cathedral.

My only regret... is that I have bonitis.

Right, well...

I just used my own computer to get online for the first time. I've been chatting and surfing like I did back in the good old dorm days. I'm feeling rather shitty, so surfing might just seem more fun than I remember, but I'm havin' a ball! Point being that the best Star Wars thing I've seen in awhile: Darth Vader's Blog.

why? jumping into: crime and punishment


Kingdom of Heaven

Orlando Bloom: You march to certain death.
David Thewlis: All death is certain.
Me (under my breath): This movie is riddikulus.

Then I looked at my watch for awhile.

Well kids, I better be getting back to the 1800's in my time steamboat.


My First 'Two Propositions In One Night Out On the Street' Night

Right, so it's about 4 am now. In the past 15 minutes I was propositioned not once, but twice, by fellow students. An unheard of feat in my years here at UT. I suppose the story begins with me getting home from Andrea and John's rather cool Fifth-of-May party. A bit over an hour ago I was dropped off, I came inside, stood around for a few minutes, then decided I was really bored, alone, and very awake. I can't even sit on my couch and play a video game or watch my fave The Office or Futurama episodes until sleep comes. The couch was/is taken. No big surprise really. So I decided to take a walk.

Most of the walk happened as most of my late night, dreary weather walks go. I felt like I could have been in London, but everyone else had died and there were no cool monuments or old things. It was foggy and no one else was out. I made a big loop around Fort Sanders and a bit of downtown. On the return path, on 11th street this red Chevy something-or-other slows down, actually stops, and there's this guy in the driver's seat. He leans over and asks quite politely, "Would you like a blow job?" I simply answer (as if this happens all the time (it doesn't)), "No thanks." Also quite politely. He nods and drives off. One, I was confused, surprised, and I managed to answer quickly and correctly. For that I give myself cool points. Two, I stood there afterwards a bit dumbfounded. I think I've heard that question stated just so maybe five times in my life; I think I've been dumbfounded each time. This is the first time this particular query came from another man.

For several blocks on the path down Highland back to my place I'm pondering what the whole incident means. Because, with me, everything must mean something, but really I believe nothing really means anything unless you don't know it does, but when you realize it, it's too late to change certain things, but a life lesson is learned, and you've learned and know better the next time around. Except of course for the bits forgotten. Which happens. Anywho.

Closer to my place, in fact right next door, this girl asks me if I want a blow job. I'm totally confused. I mumble maybe later, then duck around the corner of my house. I have no idea what happened in the universe tonight but something is way off. Of course I want a blow job. No I don't want one from that guy. First off he was a guy. If I could've gotten past that, he had a really itchy looking mustache I would not have been about. The girl, though rather attractive, seemed drunk, either has or knows someone with stupid dogs, and really asked me at just the wrong time. I mean that guy really weirded out my universe. Strangers don't offer sexual favors. They ask for them. To be offered twice within fifteen minuted means it's time to lock myself up until after the second coming. Or at least til morning, when I'll want breakfast.

Hmmmmmm... bacon.........


It's weird. I want to post, but I really have nothing useful to say, point out, or even link to. That is, nothing other than this.

sort of listening to: return of the king



All done. Now, sleep.


One Down.

Two to go.

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