Elves Cannot Change the Will of the Gods

Here's to the best line ever said on TV! Now raises those pints high my lads...


Here's to Scott rubbing my ear!
Here's to Scott rubbing my other ear!
Here's to OtheR Scott passed out in my chair once again!
Here's to rubbing that first ear again!
Cheers. Cheers, Cheers? Cheers!

There might have been one too many toasts tonight...


I Heard It Was Time For My Monthly Blog

January always sucks around now. And now that I'm not drinking to get over it, it's worse. Eh, whatever. Let's pause for a moment, forget about all the shit I need to be doing instead of writing this, and reminisce...

Highlights of my wonderful winter of wacky merriment: eating Magic Wok on no less than three occasions (even though I live in K-town I can only ever make it when I'm on holiday), basicly living with Scott Sigmon when I've hardly seen him since high school, the view from that mountain I hiked just off of I-75 at Cove Lake, the fact that I can't remember what happened between the 23rd and the 1st with any lucidity, getting drunk with my little brother at some spring-break-esque bar in Nassau, everything else about that cruise (best gift ever), sleeping late, more often than not next to some drunk reeking of smoke who passed out in my bed without me knowing, once or twice next to someone much prettier and infinitely more snugglesome, Anna's pre-birthday dinner, watching methed-out mice with Matt, attending my first class only to fall asleep and miss the next two, everything about last weekend--getting wine with Ray 3 or 4 hours before sundown, expensive scotch, movies all night, watching Cara punch Randy in the eye, Cara-wrestling in nice clothes outside (the stains came out), Cara-wrestling inside, finally getting drunk enough to have a hangover (I'd been trying for a week!), meeting my first 3-legged cat, watching it snow while waiting at Cracker Barrel, being sleepy, hung-over, and content to do nothing all day Sunday, forgetting that monday was a holiday on monday morning and trying to go to class, going back to bed after that, and finally waking up to look at the 'mice' Matt 'captured'.

I want to write more but alas time has run out. Oh, but before I forget, I'm going hiking at Virgin Falls next saturday and I'm looking for anyone who might want to camp that night somewhere near there and hike more on sunday. Also, since this is the fourth time I've tried uploading this post to this server in the past 24 hours(it's been real bitchy for a few months), I'm going to move this site somewhere else this week. Don't know where yet. Ciao!

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