In A Related Story: Did Someone Get Married?

For those of you who don't know me, I am sorry--there's only so much Mike to go around. For those of you who do, I am truly sorry! No, no, not like that (you should be very pleased to have made my acquaintance); I'm sorry I don't stay in touch with so many of my friends as well as I should.

I keep meaning to write in this blasted thing but since the day in March whence I returned to the Ridge, getting online has become a chore. I'm sure nobody even looks here anymore to see what's new. But here goes try number two! For the past two months much has changed. First yet hardly foremost is that I began writing my thoughts in a real book as opposed to this website I've put so much time into. I'm not going to type up that journal, even though some of the ideas contained within are real gems. Well... Mayhap I can type up the gems. But the bulk of it, aka: "the crap," will remain forever unpublished. Sorry.

Right, well I screened Shrek 2 a couple of hours ago. I thought it was awesome, but my criteria might not have been on par with the average Joe's cinema needs. Oh right!! I'm working at Tinseltown once again for bits and pieces of the summer... So I've seen a lot of movies in the week or so previous. I'm definitely going to see Shrek 2 again. Maybe tomorrow. There are only twenty-five showtimes to choose from here in OR. If you loved Shrek for the wonderfully sleazy innuendo and terrible puns, then Shrek 2 is better. The plot, character development, blah, blah, blah, and all that is fine. Incredibly hilarious moments are seemingly nonstop (the movie does end...) but there are a few scenes and numbers that I just couldn't stop laughing. And unlike Troy, it didn't take a pint of Jack to make the film fun! Yay!!! Oh, and there were some really neat 'camera' shots, er, some good animated cinematography. Yeah, so for the moment that's the wonderful insight into the vast and complicated innerworkings of Mike's head.

Seriously, I'm going to write more often in this thing, and I'm going to post the pictures I've amassed in the past two months on the site (ya know, the first two months I've really begun to shoot pics and few have shared and basked in their glory--this needs to change!) And I'm going to assemble the much needed links to friends sites as soon as I'm done here. For the moment I'm not going to procrastinate. Awesome. See Shrek 2. Don't see Godsend, New York Minute, Envy (so sad, but true--it's just not that good, not that bad either, but still, so sad...), and Troy's only ok at best. See Shrek 2. Oh, and Man On Fire is one of the best movie's ever made. Still, see Shrek 2.

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