A Happy December To All!

Wow, the past couple weeks have been chock full of good news! Grades were good, in fact they were better than good, redeeming myself to some extent. I feel useful to the world and quite creative to boot with this screenplay I'm writing. In the end I'm sure it will be a second rate sci-fi flick that never gets made, but I don't care! But I'd say bestest is that two wonderful people and greatest of friends announced their engagement! I'm ecstaticlly exuberant (that's a word, right?) for one of my favorite Elliot Circle friends, Anna(!) and one of the few non-Circles I am glad to say I love and call friend, Randy! That saturday I found out had already been one of my best days (ever) but once this bit of news topped it off I became as giddy as a school boy. And I think I remained that way for at least 6 hours. Talk about exhasution. I hadn't laughed like that in... in well... well more time than I can remember!

Plus I've been generally ignoring the news of the state of the world. At first I was simply busy, then I kinda like being in the dark. Let's ee how long that lasts!

Anyway, it's december and much free time abounds. I'm the Ridge/Knoxvegas metropolitan area (as always) and would very much like to know when others will be and whether or not they like me enough to hang out, party, date, sleep together, whatever. I know that this is really just my monthy post, so I don't expect anyone to read this regularly, let alone respond in any sort of quick (from my POV) manner. Regardless, there it is. Happy few weeks off fromt he world (if you have it)!!!


They Just Had To Pop My Dingleberry Cherry

After the end of the semester and a pleasantly eventful weekend, I feel compelled to share my life with whomever might be reading. Inspiration abounded over the past week; idea after idea (most of them ways to make some money, do a little good to the world, etc. via a business) just kept popping in there. Most of them were a little wacky and might not work, but a few of them might. I really can't remember any of them specifically right now. Go figure.

Anyway the big news of the weekend was that I had way too much sparkling white wine, none from Champagne. No wait, that's not quite right; it's second biggest. The big news is that after some delay I finally got in on some mysterious news that Anna wanted to tell me. I admit I was insanely curious from that point to the point where I learned said news, guessing, internally debating, and even dismissing the actual news. SO I was really thrown for a loop when she gushed out that she and Randy are now engadged! Well, not that big a loop I guess. Once I first guessed it and quickly dismissed it as news the idea gew on me that it was highly possible. Still though, my asides aside, it's awesome! It made my weekend! Well, that and the non-champagne. I feel like my life is complete; it is just that fabulous!

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