Persnickety: A Fun But Irrelevant Word

Ever have one of those weekends full of reunions or full of goodbyes? This last one has been a big heaping scoopful of both. Also, I ate way too many raisins, but that's a disgusting tale I'll never speak of again. You shouldn't either. I arrived home for the evening to find that a good high school chap of mine is in town! Roshitha and I caught up a bit. I've not really seen or spent time with him in years! Twas great fun hearing of his recent escapades over a beer. Seeing him really brought back a lot of fun high school memories. I usually only recall the mediocre or terrible ones!

I can't pinpoint when or why, but sometime tonight reality barraged me. My life will change greatly within a few weeks. Tim, too, seems to have had the same bombardment by reality. I called and we talked for a while after Ro left. Mid-August is not far off. It's almost unreal how people have found their paths (for the time being at least) after months if not years of indecision. It's also quite odd how the politics of quitting a job can get so darned finicky. It should be a simple enough matter.

The big reality: the Mike+Matt divorce has begun. Moving out has become emminent; the threat of much work looms. We began the discussion of who gets what. He can have everything that might be kinda both of ours. So it's been easy. But it still strikes me as very strange. I've been living with him for nearly a year. And most of the years previous we lived pretty much together. But not in the same apartment or, more aptly, dorm room. Next door is pretty close though. It'll be way too much like the longest relationship I've ever had is coming to an end. I'm going to miss living with my heterosexual male life-partner. We've had a lot of good times here together.

Friday night was a great night out, though I can't believe I slept through half of the Empire Strikes Back. It's only about my favorite film ever. I blame a few drinks and a comfortable couch with comfortable company. I was just too damned comfortable not to nap! Before that though the Downtown Grill was about the most fun it's ever been. I met Erin there, but not just her! Christine and Weston and Bethany and other people I don't really know well were there too. I even managed not to utterly stink of smoke afterwards. A first for that bar! Even after the movie, the night proved to be more fun still! Of course I'm pretty sure the party raging until well after dawn upstairs should have been annoying all night, but I barely noticed.

ears: miles davis - the doo bop song
eyes: mystery men
mind: history as a system
also: harry potter and the half-blood prince

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