Confession: I Didn't Read The Source in High School

I’ve read plenty of books this summer, but this lazy saturday marks the first I picked up almost at random and finished by midafternoon. Journey by James A. Michener proved to be an easy yet insightful, thought-provoking read. I’ve heard over and over that Michener is a great author but I’ve never been disposed to read him. Now I’ve got dozens of fresh works I want to read.

Journey is not a long novel. Concise and engaging it chronicles the adventure of a small band of well-to-do Victorians as they rush for Klondike gold. Michener effortlessly includes subtle insight into the British collective conscious of the era, the follies of the human spirit under pressure, and the vast, desolate grandeur of northern Canada.

Using the band of wealthy Brits as a vehicle for objective observation Michener brings into focus the hardships encountered by those who dreamed of striking it rich. He paints a striking picture of the oft-fatal deception, greed, and irrational behavior of those stampeding towards the supposedly quick riches of the frozen north. Throughout there’s the feeling of imminent death, be it just down the river or by the hands of one of many who prey on the poor and undereducated headed north.

I highly suggest everybody who enjoys history at all read Journey. Frontier adventure is hardly my cup of tea, but I couldn’t put this book down.

ears: ella and louis
eyes: bruce almighty
also: jelly free fish zone

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